So, you've had a look at what ClubSiteFootball can do and you're now convinced that your club needs a ClubSiteFootball powered website.....


Option 1: Annual Subscription

The most convenient way is to let us set up your ClubSiteFootball powered site for you. For an annual subscription of £30 per year we will set-up and host your club's ClubSiteFootball website for as long as you keep paying! If £30 pound a year sounds a lot then just think about it this way, it is less than the cost of two match balls (or about what you have to pay per match for a qualified referee).

We will also provide full technical support and backup, should you need any assistance with the site or if anything goes wrong.

The annual subscription covers the following:

  • Complete set-up of your ClubSiteFootball powered website.
  • FREE design of a club logo and colour schemes for your site.
  • Annual cost of web-hosting for your site.
  • Full technical support and help with how to make the best of your site.
  • Limited Time Offer: 1 Year's FREE Domain name registration,
    (get a good web address for your site ie: